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intelliview NXT   Product of Synaptris
intelliview NXT Web-based Reporting

Intelliview NXT is a web-based enterprise reporting solution which allows end-users to create, interpret and extend reports or analyze report data in real-time.

With Intelliview NXT users can visualize, interact with and analyze their data in real-time by taking advantage of a wide range of capabilities, which include:

  • Personalized dashboard-style reports
  • Charts, tables & pivot tables
  • Interactive drill down & data filtering
  • On demand analysis
  • Exporting, printing or emailing of reports
  • Scheduling and delivery to multiple users
  • Multiple browser support(IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Mobile device support (iOS & Android)
  • Multiple database support (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL)
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Functional Overview


Ability for users to edit an existing report that depicts a set of business metrics and personalize the report to suit specific business needs

End users can
- Customize Reports
- Add/Remove/Resize Widgets
- Redesign Widgets
- Save Report varaints as sub-reports


Intuitive interface that enables users to interact with reports and model different business scenarios with little or no effort

Enables users to focus their attention solely on understanding the information from the report rather than on how best to use the reporting interface to get the information they need

Integrated Search

"Search" is second nature to business users when they use the web and Search is second nature to Intelliview NXT reports as well

Intelliview NXT delivers users integrated search with every reSave Report varaints as sub-reports

Exception Monitoring

Enables users to manage key business metrics based on their deviation from norm by uniquely defining what constitutes a business exception

Users get to uniquely define what constitutes an exception condition for one of more business metrics in a report and their unique exceptions are highlighted only when they view the report

Business Alerts

Provides users the ability to designate a set of exceptions that needs to be monitored as a background task on a pre-defined frequency and to notify them via email of any deviations from the norm for the selected business metric(s)

Users are also able to define the exception conditions for which they need to be proactively alerted without the need for them to view the report to assess if the business exception has been triggered.face to get the information they need


Delivers a cross platform mobile experience by enabling users to not just access but also interact with reports both on IOS and Android devices

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