Over 90% of all Companies who tried out Intelliview NXT with their data decided to purchase it!!

The 2 most common reasons that customers have cited for their decision are:

1) Intelliview NXT is intuitive and very easy to use especially for non-technical users. As a result, user adoption has been rapid and customers reported very high day-to-day usage of the reports by most users for data analysis and interpretation.

2) Intelliview NXT has low total cost of ownership (TCO) in addition to being very affordable. Most customers were able to deploy the software on their production server, complete the initial setup and have a few reports deployed within 3 hours and well within budget!!

No Cost 'Try BEFORE you Buy' Offer Details

We will host a private Intelliview NXT instance for you on our server (or) on your premise and setup sample dashboards for you to evaluate using your data at no cost to you.

  • The Trial can be on our Hosted Server or On-Premise. Hosted Trial on our server requires sending us your sample data (under NDA)
  • Trail encompasses not just installing Intelliview NXT but also business consulting to set up a few sample dashboards
  • Our business analysts will design up to 5 relevant dashboards using your data to highlight key business metrics based on your input
  • We will provision up to 5 users who can try out the dashboards on your Intelliview NXT trial instance for up to 15 days
  • At no cost to you and no obligation to purchase!

Intelliview NXT delivers users a personalized data analytics experience as each user can edit the Dashboards to suit their specific needs without impacting the underlying Dashboard or imposing an overhead on the IT team.

If you are ready to experience the increased productivity and data analytics flexibility that Intelliview NXT dashboards can deliver to your end users, Just fill in the form and one of our product experts will get in touch with you to get you setup.