Kezava Reporting

Kezava reporting empowers both non-technical and tech savvy users with "business insights" from their data

Intelliview has been re-branded as Kezava

Kezava is designed meet the most extensive information needs. Its reporting capabilities deliver user driven & flexible Ad Hoc Interactive reports, fulfil the stringent design requirements of Standard Reports and everything in between!

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards are been designed to accommodate the needs of both power users and business users. It enables power users to design Ad Hoc Dashboards and also create variants associated with the main Dashboard by using multiple combinations of parameters as well as different business metrics.

The user interface has been designed with non-IT users in mind. All display items are simple to understand and allow users the maximum flexibility.

Users who are empowered to “Author” a report have the ability to design new Dashboards and share it with other users.

Users who are provided “Editor” access can modify existing Dashboards without impacting the original Dashboard.

This ability for users to modify/create their reports provides them with quick access to any information they need even if it is not already represented in a report.

The ability for users to interpret, extend and manipulate reports without the help of IT effort suits extremely dynamic business environments where users can independently meet all their information needs in real time, again without incurring IT overheads.

Standard Reports

While Dashboards provide extensive value to end users, they still need Standard Reports to meet a variety of every day information needs. Some examples are regulatory reporting, production reporting such as forms, statements and invoices, pre-defined report templates such as project, progress or status reporting and any other reporting need that places stringent requirements in terms of pixel perfect design.

The Kezava Report Designer enables tech savvy users to design reports either by connecting to a local database or to a server resident database. On completing report design, reports are easily published to the web based Kezava Reporting Server.

Hybrid Reports

Hybrid Reports in Kezava provide an integrated report environment that makes it possible to combine Interactive Reports and Standard reports into a single report.

Any parameter that is applied to the hybrid report updates the widgets and the standard report objects within a hybrid report making it very easy for users to manage their hybrid reports.

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