The enterprise reporting tool for the intelligent organization

Decisions that are made on a daily basis are key to the success of a business. From materials management and production planning to sales and cash flow management, everyone in the enterprise needs reliable information to make the right decisions based on the business situation at hand. With business situations becoming increasingly dynamic, information and data presentation needs are also becoming more diverse. As a result, intelligent organizations are constantly striving to enable every stakeholder to gain greater business insights to eliminate inefficiencies, exploit untapped potential and make better decisions.

It is vital for businesses to focus on making critical information available to users across the enterprise in a usable, rapid, and flexible manner.

How do businesses meet these information demands without weighing down business users and IT alike with over-engineered or expensive enterprise reporting software?

Empowering Business Users, Simplifying IT!

IntelliVIEW 4.1 is a next generation enterprise reporting software that delivers integrated reporting, dashboards & analysis capabilities to meet the information needs of business users across the organization. IntelliVIEW's enterprise reporting tool makes actionable information instantly available to business users at every level, and meets diverse information needs. It helps organizations deliver information to business users the way they need it and when they need it without adding to IT overhead. IntelliVIEW enables better informed and faster decisions by empowering business users to control their information and easily interpret and extend or analyze data in real-time with minimal IT dependence.

More important, IntelliVIEW's enterprise reporting software achieves this in a way that does not require cost and time intensive implementation or ongoing maintenance of data warehouses, data marts or cubes.

While IntelliVIEW enables enterprises to meet information needs effectively it also delivers significant efficiencies:

  • Attractive Cost of Ownership - This is not much more than the investment in IntelliVIEW's enterprise reporting software licenses as it leverages existing infrastructure. It enables significant savings in Hardware, Software, Implementation, Maintenance Overhead costs and all other TCO components
  • Very rapid Time-to-Value - Our customers have reported times to value of days and even hours!
  • Minimum or no user training - IntelliVIEW's enterprise reporting tools is so easy to use that customers with large bases of users with minimal PC skills prefer it over others
  • Minimum IT overhead - IntelliVIEW minimizes IT overhead with its unique ability to allow business users to control their information without placing demand on IT resources
  • Rapid ROI - With very attractive costs of ownership, aggressive deployment timelines and minimal ongoing support, it is not surprising that customers have achieved ROI in less than 12 weeks! (For most other solutions 12 weeks is an aggressive deployment cycle!)
  • Significantly enhanced productivity - The intuitive "self serve" capabilities of IntelliVIEW deliver leadership in productivity improvements for both IT and business users

IntelliVIEW Offerings


Versatile Business reports that deliver highly visual business insights with "on demand" analysis capabilities.

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User-driven and interactive Dashboard reports that deliver business performance measurement and "on demand" analysis capabilities with virtually no IT overhead.

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Flexible and interactive Analysis reports for ad hoc and need-based business information to manage dynamic business situations.

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