Real-time, interactive dashboard reporting

To manage today's dynamic business situations, business users need the ability to control the visualization and analysis of their data in real-time. Traditional reporting tools are good for static reporting, but are not interactive and cannot provide real-time business insights to users. Today, dashboard reports are a must for executives and business managers to stay on top of their activities and progress. Dashboard tools provide users an at-a-glance perspective of the business scenario. Dashboard reports help business users consolidate key performance indicators to monitor critical issues and assist in identifying areas that need immediate attention.

IntelliVIEW's dashboard software allows business users to visualize their data in a way that enables them to effectively monitor business performance without adding to IT overhead, and with little or no training. IntelliVIEW empowers end-users to create, interpret and extend their dashboard reports and analyze report data in real-time.

IntelliVIEW offers user-level customized dashboard reporting, and real-time analytics. With IntelliVIEW's dashboard software business users can instantly access, analyze and drill down through a wealth of information for effective decision-making.

Key Benefits of IntelliVIEW's Dashboard Reporting

Enables Rapid & Informed business decisions

  • User-defined, interactive dashboard reports with embedded analysis capability
  • Instant snapshots of business parameters with dashboard-style presentation
  • Real-time analysis and drill-down of report data to suit dynamic business situations

Significantly enhances Business User & IT productivity

  • Empowers end-users to instantly meet their dynamic information needs by rapidly creating & viewing multiple representations of the same data