Intelliview NXT is our most recent offering in the area of business reporting, analysis and dashboards and is designed to deliver "personalized business insights" to information consumers.

Personalized Business Insights

Our primary differentiator, refers to the fundamental capability available to business users to design their own reports.

It also encompasses their ability to take an existing report that depicts a business situation or metric and make it their own by adapting and personalizing the report to suit their specific business needs.

Intelliview NXT is the result of our working extensively with business users for close to a decade by supporting their decision making needs with our IntelliVIEW product line and our understanding of their evolving needs. It is also a testament to our focus on the business user and our ongoing evolution to better enable users to adapt reports to their dynamic business situations with ease and without placing any overhead on IT resources.

Comprehensive Dashboard & Report Support

Intelliview NXT provides comprehensive support for any kind of report that the business situation warrants.

Dashboards that cater to the users need to interact with and analyze the data.

Reports that are production ready and present data per stringent design and presentation requirements.

Some example of Reports are forms, statements and invoices, pre-defined report templates such as project, progress, KPI or status reporting and any other report need that places stringent requirements in terms of pixel perfect design.

Hybrid Dashboards that enable users to combine Reports as a part of their Dashboard to provide users the best of both worlds – a stringent report layout as well as interactive data analysis.

Empower Business Users

Intelliview NXT is for every one irrespective of the user's familiarity with reporting or their IT savvy.

Our principal focus with Intelliview NXT is to empower business users in making the transition from 'information consumers' TO 'creators of information' using business data from various sources.

Intelliview NXT delivers intuitive report interactivity and is designed to enable users to adapt the report to their dynamic business situations with little or no training.

Reduce IT overhead

Reporting continues to be a significant chore for the IT team given the dynamic nature of the user's reporting needs. More often than not, a metric that was not pertinent to a user's report gets prominence due to a change in operational priorities and reports need to be updated or redesigned to reflect this change. This happens often enough to create a significant overhead for the IT team on an ongoing basis.

By empowering business users to create new reports or extensively modify existing reports, Intelliview NXT significantly reduces the overhead on the IT team by reducing their day to day involvement in the business cycle of report creation and modification and instead lets them focus their efforts on more strategic IT priorities.