Intelliview NXT

Intelliview NXT is the first enterprise reporting solution focused solely on empowering both non-technical and tech savvy users with "business insights" from their data without placing ANY overhead on IT teams.

It addresses the most fundamental challenges that USERS and IT TEAMS face with information, every day:

Intelliview NXT addresses all 3 challenges comprehensively by delivering Interactive Reports and Personalized Business Insights, while Minimizing IT Effort.

Interactive Reports

Intelliview NXT enables users to adapt reports and interact with their data to meet dynamic business situations with ease and without requiring any additional IT effort. Its intuitive user interface ensures that users can get answers to any question posed by a dynamic situation with little or no training.

Personalized Business Insights

Intelliview NXT takes report personalization to a whole new level, enabling users to design their own reports!

It also enables users to take any existing report and make it their own by adapting and personalizing the report to suit their specific business needs.

Minimizing IT Effort

As the focus on enabling users to meet dynamic information requirements and team / users specific needs increases, so does related IT effort. More often than not, a metric that was not pertinent to a user's report gets prominence due to a change in operational priorities and reports need to be updated or redesigned to reflect this change. This happens often enough to create a significant overhead for the IT team on an ongoing basis.

By empowering business users to interact with their reports and create their own personalized information needs, Intelliview NXT significantly reduces IT effort team by eliminating unproductive time spent with report creation and modification. Intelliview NXT Instead lets them focus efforts on more strategic and long term IT priorities.