KEZAVA Process Automation Platform Overview

Kezava is a patent-pending Business Process Automation platform with contextual Reporting & Analytics

The Kezava platform delivers an agile framework for automating manual, paper-based processes, Excel/Desktop database based processes or legacy-system based processes into web and mobile enabled applications with contextual reports and dashboards.

The platform also provides standards based connectors and a custom connector toolkit to establish seamless connectivity to your enterprise software application(s). This enables the ability to augment your enterprise software with processes that are not a good fit for your enterprise software while still keeping the processes integrated with the workflow and business context of your enterprise software.

The Kezava platform features an intuitive, easy-to-use process design wizard affording you the ability to rapidly design and deploy business applications.

Kezava provides a whole suite of reporting, dashboard, and analytics functionality. More importantly, it enables you to contextually integrate the process related data visualization and analysis for business processes at a transaction level as well as a summary level.

Combining industry leading technology with flexibility, adaptive technology and affordability, Kezava offers your business a comprehensive digitization solution – regardless of your organizational size.

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