Key Features

Kezava economically delivers the functionality of a high-cost custom-built application, with the flexibility to adapt it to your dynamic business needs

Kezava gives you the ability to self-design and manage your own process automation applications, and lets you choose how to best allocate the IT resources you have.

Key Features

Comprehensive Solution

In addition to delivering and implementing the Kezava process automation platform in your data center or our hosted environment, we also offer business analysis, process design, process implementation, report design, user acceptance testing, user training and production support.

Set-up Wizard

Agile application development. Set up workflow, business rules, notifications and contextual reports

Robust Application

Kezava Applications match the features of an enterprise-grade, custom-built web and/or mobile application

Compliance & Security

Compliant with all IT governance and industry standards

Data Modelling

Kezava connectors help you incorporate data from multiple sources i.e. spreadsheets, databases, enterprise software platforms and legacy systems, in your process design


Enterprise class scalability driven by the underlying platforms core architecture

Implementation Support

Implementation support spans the spectrum starting with installation & training to complete operations support to conceptualize the process design, implementation, UAT support and production support

Web and Mobile Enabled

Can be accessed from all standard web/mobile browsers and offline usage through the Kezava mobile app

Reports, Alerts and Analytics

Kezava reporting increases process efficiency by contextually delivering business insights within each process

Kezava Enables

Interoperability with existing systems

across all standard web and mobile browsers and offline usage through the Kezava mobile app

OS agnostic deployment

across all standard web and mobile browsers and offline usage through the Kezava mobile app

Iterative evolution of process design

to adapt to dynamic business needs using a configurable process support framework

Rapid user adaption

by allowing you to custom define your business process to suit your specific user needs and provide users with a task specific interface

Complete digitization of your operations

by breaking the cost barrier to digitizing your legacy, current and planned business processes

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