Kezava Reporting

Kezava reporting empowers both non-technical and tech savvy users with "business insights" from their data

Intelliview has been re-branded as Kezava

Interactive Visualization

Kezava provides an intuitive interface that enables users to interact with and modify their reports based on different business situations with little or no effort.

This enables users to focus their attention on answering the questions they have rather than figuring out how to use the reporting interface to get to the information they need.

Integrated Search

“Search” is second nature to business users and Kezava’s integrated search capability adds significant value to the user experience.

Kezava makes it possible to use search terms to filter their reports and instantly isolate just the information they need.

Exception Reporting

Kezava gives users the ability to define exception conditions for one of more business metrics in a report, which are highlighted when they view the report.

This enables users to monitor their business based on each exceptions tailored for each user’s individual priorities, rather than spend time discovering these exceptions or analysing data.

Business Alert Monitoring

Users are also able to define exception conditions for which they need to be proactively alerted without the need for them to view a report in order to discover that an exception has occurred.

Kezava enables users to define exceptions that they need to be notified of via email.

Cloud Enabled

Kezava supports multi tenancy as part of its core architecture. This architecture provides customers the ability to deploy Kezava as in a private or public cloud environment and provide independent instances for multiple entities / communities depending on the business need.

Reports from Excel data

How often do you see users managing their business using spreadsheets, but still struggle to extract the critical insights they need for decision making? No more! Kezava offers direct support for data in Excel and delivers the same easy to use and interactive reports.

This is of course in addition to support for standard SQL databases, including MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL.

Mobile Reporting

Kezava delivers a cross platform mobile experience by enabling users to not just access but also interact with reports using both iOS and Android devices.

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