These are select comments from the many we have received from customers.

Fernando Escutia
IT Manager, The National Mint of México

“Kezava helped consolidate data from multiple systems instantly. The lifecycle of System installation to data preparation to productive dashboards was completed in a few hours!”

“We recovered our investment in Kezava in the first 2 weeks of deployment. The effort and cost of identifying data related issues that Kezava dashboards helped us solve, more than paid for its cost.”

Tom Shock
Director of IT, American Forest Products

“Kezava is critical to our ongoing operations.”

“Our management and field personnel use Kezava to improve operations, increase efficiency and identify exceptions on a daily basis, all of which result in cost savings and a better level of service to our customers.”

Larry R. DeBoever
CTO & CIO, Qualbe Marketing Group

“Kezava enables our management, marketing and product teams perform their own data analysis in real time and to analyze and interpret data in the course of their business workflow.”

“This has helped us deliver extensive data analytics capability to end users without having our IT team support the effort on an ongoing basis.”

John Batten
IT Director, PhotoMedex

“The Key factor in an enterprise reporting strategy is a powerful Analytics tool that can be used by all departments.”

“Kezava is by far the most usable and easy to understand analytics tool for end users.”

“Our users find it easier to use Kezava than Excel and they need no ongoing IT support.”

James Belliveau
EVP & CTO, Commerce Bank

“The significant amount of ACH operations time that Kezava saves has enabled us to serve more customers and also expand relationships with existing customers. This has helped us double our revenue from ACH operations.”

“Commerce Bank has also gained a competitive edge because of our ability to deliver a superior customer experience – Kezava enables us to respond to customer queries in real-time and provide proactive customer service.”

“We received return on our investment in Kezava within the first month of deployment.”

Binoy Varghese
Retail Division Manager, Delta International

“Kezava has improved our productivity by 40% to 50%, especially in operations, by enabling individual business users to edit / re-design and customize the way they see their information. Importantly, our users are able to take full advantage of Kezava’s user-driven capabilities because the product is extremely easy to use.”

Mustafa Younis
Group IT Manager, Delta International

“Kezava has enabled our business managers to keep pace with dynamic business needs without any additional applications or changes in our IT infrastructure. The ease of implementation and minimal IT dependence delivered a savings of 70% on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IntelliVIEW solution as compared with other competing offerings. This resulted in a return on investment (ROI) in just 16 weeks. With over 80% IT time saved, the product has enabled the IT team to focus on other strategic areas that require attention.”

Mohammed Akoub
Techno-Functional Consultant, e-Pro Solutions, Qatar, Doha

“I continue to be amazed at the power and flexibility of Kezava and the ability to customize. I should have been using this a long time ago. Kezava has done an incredible job. Thank you again for your excellent support. I have dealt with a lot of different software vendors but have never experienced the quality of support that you and your staff give.”