About Synaptris

Synaptris has been in the business of information management and end user focused, flexible and intuitive reporting solutions for over 10 years.

The IntelliVIEW product line is designed to empower business users to make rapid & informed business decisions while enabling IT to minimize overhead and maximize ROI.


IntelliVIEW is a comprehensive reporting platform that spans Standardized Reports (with a visual Report Designer), spreadsheet style Analysis Reports and Dashboard Reports. This comprehensive approach enables users to use a Standardized report, a flexible and interactive Dashboard or Analysis report based on their specific business needs and within an integrated and comprehensive reporting platform.

IntelliVIEW is deployed widely across North America, Europe and Asia. It is available as a reporting portal and as an SDK for integration with both .Net and Java web applications.

Synaptris has its North America office at White Plains NY and its India office in Chennai, India.

Intelliview NXT

Intelliview NXT is our latest offering in the area of business reporting, analysis and dashboards designed to deliver “personalized business insights” to end users.

Our principal focus with Intelliview NXT is to empower business users in making the transition from ‘information consumers’ TO ‘creators of information’ using business data from various sources. This involves not just making the reports easy to use but specifically enabling business users to create and modify the reports as well.