Intelliview NXT helps Qualbe Marketing Group analyze and understand the demographics and buying patterns of their Customers

White Plains, NY - June 04, 2013 : Synaptris (, the business user focused reporting and data analytics company, today announced that Qualbe Marketing Group ( has adopted Intelliview NXT as their dashboard and data analytics platform across all functions of the enterprise.

Intelliview NXT will help Qualbe Marketing Group analyze and understand trends relating to millions of dental discount plans purchased by their customers and to determine their customers' future needs.

The primary goal for Qualbe Marketing Group is to offer dental patients nationwide access to the most affordable, reputable and longstanding dental plans via Qualbe's brand. works hand-in-hand with Careington International to provide the nation's #1 dental plan for thousands of agents, affiliates and new members at the lowest price per month.

Qualbe Marketing Group was using a combination of spreadsheets, databases and other reporting tools to ascertain the type of dental plans and benefits that most appealed to their customers. Qualbe was confronted with major limitations in analyzing trends, creating deep insights and applying complex analytics. Qualbe was also limited in its efforts to comprehensively present these trends for review, interpretation and direction by their management team.

Qualbe Marketing Group identified the need for extensive analytics, powerful dashboards and an easy-to-use business intelligence solution that they would use to analyze and interpret dental plan purchase trends.

Their choice of the data analysis platform to help achieve their business goals was driven by the Intelliview NXT's powerful analysis capabilities, usability and affordability.

"We did not want to create a separate analytics team at Qualbe that would analyze and present trends to our internal users and partners. We wanted the ability for anybody in our management, marketing or product teams to perform their own data analysis in real time and to analyze and interpret data in the course of their business workflow," said Larry R. DeBoever, CTO & CIO, Qualbe Marketing Group.

"We picked Intelliview NXT because our business users are able to use its intuitive interface to easily perform the analysis they need. We expect that the usability of Intelliview NXT dashboards will greatly increase user adoption. In addition to being the most effective out of the analysis tools we evaluated and best suited for our needs, it was also very affordable. We are also very happy with the responsiveness of Synaptris' pre-sales and post-sales teams", he added.

About Intelliview NXT

Intelliview NXT is the first reporting, dashboard and analytics platform focused solely on empowering non-technical users derive "personalized and dynamic business insights" from their data without placing an overhead on the IT team.

Intelliview NXT delivers personalized business insights, interactive visualization, integrated search, exception reporting, business alert monitoring and interactive mobile reporting to its users.

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