American Forest Products adopts Intelliview NXT as their Enterprise-wide Data Analytics platform

White Plains, NY May 14, 2014 : Synaptris (, the business user focused reporting and data analytics company, today announced that American Forest Products ( has adopted Intelliview NXT as their dashboard and data analytics platform across all functions of the enterprise.

American Forest Products (AFP) has been using Intelliview NXT for over a year in their Operations function and has achieved significant improvement in operational efficiency, enhanced employee performance and lower operating costs. Based on these tangible business benefits delivered by business user focused data analytics, AFP has now decided to deploy Intelliview NXT across all functions of their business.

Commenting on the decision, Tom Shock, Director of IT, AFP said, “Intelliview NXT has become critical to our ongoing operations. The executive team and our managers start their day with Intelliview NXT dashboards, which they use extensively to monitor operations, improve efficiency and identify exceptions.”

“Our users have identified new metrics using Intelliview NXT to monitor the performance of key areas of our business, which has enabled us to reduce cost in areas that we previously thought were performing efficiently. We have also been pleasantly surprised with the significant drop in requests to IT for information or reports due to the widespread usage of Intelliview NXT dashboards.”

The key element that led to the successful integration of data analytics into day-to-day operations was the rapid user adoption, which Intelliview NXT made possible with its business-user focused and intuitive approach to data analytics.

“Synaptris’ sole focus is delivering reporting, dashboard and data analytics solutions that are focused on the needs of business users, providing them with personalized and dynamic business insights. We are pleased that AFP has achieved widespread usage of data analytics across the broad spectrum of their users”, said Madan S. Kumar, CEO, Synaptris.

About AFP

American Forest Products ( comprises three divisions - Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution - and ranks among the top 25 building products distributors in the US. AFP sells moldings and specialty millwork products to big-box retail outlets. It also provides third-party logistics and retail services for other building products manufacturers selling into big-box retail and pro-dealer locations.

AFP has four manufacturing facilities in the US and two in New Zealand. These manufacturing operations sell moldings, boards and specialty building products into two-step distribution including AFP’s affiliated wholesale operations.

About Intelliview NXT

Intelliview NXT is the first reporting, dashboard and analytics platform focused solely on empowering non-technical users derive "personalized and dynamic business insights" from their data without placing an overhead on the IT team.

Intelliview NXT delivers personalized business insights, interactive visualization, integrated search, exception reporting, business alert monitoring and interactive mobile reporting to its users.

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About Synaptris

Synaptris (, the business user focused reporting and data analytics company has been in the business of end user focused, flexible and intuitive reporting solutions for over 10 years.

The Intelliview product line is designed to empower business users to make rapid & informed business decisions while enabling IT teams to minimize overhead and maximize ROI.